For the last 40 years, Stavro Jabra, better known as STAVRO, has been reflecting through his work the current events in Lebanon, the Middle East and the world in general.

 Born February 18, 1947 in Beirut, his success and fame were gained through his political caricatures that were published in most Lebanese newspapers. Starting 1967, his caricatures appeared in the following:

 Local publications: As-Sayad, L'Orient-le Jour, Az-Zamane, Samar, As-Safa, Al-Mouharer, Al-Anwar, Al-Ahrar, Sada-Lubnan, Horoscope, Flash, Chabaka. Al- Jeich, Ad-Dastour, Al-Jarida, Sketch, Al-Hasna, Le Beyroutin, Sawt wa Soura, Magazine, Al-Ousbouh al-Arabi, Al-Kifah al-Arabi, Al-Amal, Le R�veil, Ad-Dawliya, Majalati, Mondanit�, Estejwab, Chronique, Nida al-Watan, The Daily Star.

 International publications: Der Spiegel, Jeune Afrique, Punch, Atlas World Press, l'Express, Economia, Le Monde, Il Giornale, J'Informe, Le Courrier International, Die Weltwoche, the Washington Times…

 CVN Television station for the daily evening news for the period of two years.

 News Agencies: Associated Press (AP), Agence France Press (AFP) has published by telephotography his caricature all around the world.

 Stavro is the author of sixteen caricature and four photo collections.

 His caricature collections are exposed in Montr�al at the "Biblioth�que de l'Humour" library. He has participated in countless international caricature exhibitions in Montr�al, Berlin, Ancona, Athens, Gabrovo, Istanbul, Malta, Yugoslavia, France and Geneva.

 He was the guest of honor at the Caricature Festival in Epinal "France", in 1989, and at seven local exhibitions in Beirut in the years 1969, 1973, 1982, 1987, 1991, 1996 and 1997.

  His work was also exposed at the Year of the child exhibition in January 1980 at "Mairie de Paris".

 Stavro is also renown for his photographs and was honored as One of the best Contemporary Photographers of the Lebanese War by the French magazine "Photo".

 His photographs appeared in the following:  Local magazines and Paris Match, Photo, Photo deutsche ausgabe, Photo Reporter.

 Stavro also founded in September 1983 his own monthly magazine "SCOOP" in which he had the opportunity to publish his non-political photographs. He tried to capture the beauty in this world, the charm of human beings, giving them each the Real Human dimension. A regular at most international movie festivals, especially the Cannes Festival, he has photographed the world's most famous movie stars.

 As a major Lebanese social figure, he has been a jury member of the Lebanese Talent Program "Studio el Fan" on the national television station "LBC" during the years 1988 and 1992.

 He founded the "Lebanese Press Photographers Syndicate" and performed as president emeritus of that syndicate in the year 1992.

 Jury member of Beirut Film Festival in October 1997.

 He contributed to the “Masterclass for Editorial Cartoonists” in Malta-1998.
 He contributed to the meeting of the Middle East working group in Istanbul-2000.

 Winner of the Golden Web Award 2001-2002 by I.A.W.M.D. (International Association of Web Masters and Designers).

 In the framework of the festival "Presse and Caricature", Stavro was honoured by Al Rowad el-Arab for the year 2002 in Cairo.

He contributed to the � 5�me Rencontre Internationale du Dessin de Presse (RIDEP), in Carquefou, France-2004.

In the � 3rd Media Festival �, Stavro wins the 2004 Cartoon Trophy- Beirut 2004.

Two illustrations of the most famous woman in the world Madonna drawing by Stavro in �Madonna in Art�, compiled by Mem Mehmet and published by Pop Art Books, London-2004.

Stavro received a letter from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan - November 2004

In the 4th Arab Media Festival, Stavro wins 2006 Caricature Trophy. Beirut 2006.

He contributed to the seminar and exhibition �Cartooning for peace� at the Palais des Nations Unies in Geneva, with participation of several cartoonists-March 2007. Sponsored by Human Rights Watch, the Word Organisation against Torture, the International Federation for Human Rights, Amnisty International�

He was nominated "Friend of the United Nations" (FUN) during his presence to Geneva and received the blue ribbon.

Winner of �The Arab Top Award of Excellence� for his website

New TV (NTV) station for the daily news for the period of six years (2001-2007).

He exhibits at Saint-Just le Martel (France) 125 political cartoons (September-October 2007).

Stavro once again realized a power cartoons for an exhibition at the United Nations headquarters in New York, December 10, 2007. The exhibition entitled "Sketching Human Rights" illustrating the meaning of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

 Member of "Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate" (U.S.).
 Member of "dessinateurs francophones" (France).
 Member of Cartoonists Fano Funny (Italy).
 Member of Daryl Cagle's professional cartoonists (U.S.).
 Member of The NOSE "Caricature Artists" (U.S.)

 Presently, he works for:
Al Balad (Lebanese Arabic Newspaper)
Ad-Dabbour (Arabic political humour magazine)
La Revue du Liban (French weekly magazine)
The Daily Star (Lebanese English Newspaper)